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patio paving with retaining wall

Patios and Paving

As well as doing driveway paving we do more general paving for residential and commercial clients around Portsmouth, Hampshire and West Sussex. This can include the installation, or refurbishment of pathways, courtyards and other outdoor spaces. At Southway Construction we can help you to select the most appropriate materials and finish for your project so that you new paving fits well with the rest of your landscaping. We take care on all of our projects to ensure that proper drainage and base materials are laid down so that you get a long lasting and robust finish. 

Why Use Southway Construction?

  • We are an experienced local construction company based in Portsmouth

  • We have a strong track record of quality work and happy customers

  • We work for both residential customers and for businesses and other construction companies

  • All of our work is of the highest quality and built to last

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Whether you are looking to update your tired patio or install a completely new one to your property, Southway Construction will be there every step of the way from conception to installation. Even a small and simple patio can provide depth and life to the exterior of a property. Southway Construction’s expert employees can help you to choose the perfect design and the most suitable materials for your project. This will ensure that your finished patio not only looks good but is also robust and long lasting.

sandstone slab block patio paving


Paving can drastically enhance the appearance and finished look of a property. Paving can give a neat and tidy look to houses and gardens as well as being able to completely transform the layout and form of exterior spaces. Southway Construction’s paving services are professional and individually tailored to fit your requirements and budget. All of our projects are approached on an individual basis so that we can ensure that our paving services are fit for purpose and fulfils any requirements and needs laid out by the customer.

rainbow sandstone patio paving

Hard Landscaping

Alongside your paving work or patio we can also handle any hard landscaping that you need. This may include the installation of retaining walls, boundary walls or terracing. We can also install flower beds and borders so that your new path or patio sits neatly within your property, giving you the look that you want for your overall scheme. If you do not already have an overall scheme for you project then we can help you to draw this up. However big or small the project you are doing we will ensure that it is done to the highest possible standard.   

patio paving with brick retaining wall