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Civil Engineering Services from Southway Construction

Southway Construction are experts at delivering a large range of civil engineering services to both the private and public sector. In the past we have worked on projects large and small such as paving, roads and buildings. Based in Portsmouth, Southway Construction provides civil engineering services for the whole of Hampshire and West Sussex. We pride ourselves on our high quality work as well as our professional and reliable services. Individuals, large companies and local authorities are just a small number of the range of clients we work with – we approach each one on an individual basis to meet the singular requirements of each client.

Why Use Southway Construction?

  • We are an experienced local construction company based in Portsmouth

  • We have a strong track record of quality work and happy customers

  • We work for both residential customers and for businesses and other construction companies

  • We regularly work with major utility companies including the telecoms industry

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County Council Schemes

As well as civil engineering services, Southway Construction also works on various County Council Schemes. Providing our services to Local Authorities as well as private clients, we work on environmental projects, travel improvements and also within schools in the surrounding counties. We are experts at providing services for schools, road improvement projects and community projects that have an extremely beneficial and positive impact for the surrounding area.

Projects undertaken for County Council Schemes are often extremely important to the surrounding communities. We try to minimise any disruption and disturbance as much as possible, leaving surrounding residents or business owners with a positive outlook once the project is completed. 


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What do we do?

Southway Construction works on a huge variety of civil engineering projects – our clients include local authorities, commercial land owners and private property developers. Civil engineering projects can have a large impact on the surrounding community so whatever projects we are working on we ensure that any impact we have is entirely positive. We liaise with the client and local authorities to ensure that our works do not disturb local businesses, residents or the surrounding environment.  We have extensive experience in a number of civil engineering services – these include infrastructure and groundwork, waste management and environmental improvement among many others. We have undertaken works in various conditions and locations and tackle every challenge that our clients offer us with enthusiasm.

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