About Southway Construction

Southway Construction aim to be efficient at all times to reduce wastage of time, money and materials without compromising on a quality finish. Our experienced employees are all construction experts that will complete your project both professionally and reliably. We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to find innovative solutions to construction problems. We ensure project delivery to the highest standard through the use of the latest expert advice and equipment. We utilise our longstanding experience to match individual client requirements to ensure that a high quality result is achieved for each and every project.

One of the most critical aspects that we consider during our projects is safety. We highly prioritise the safety of our employees, the client and members of the public, especially when working in highly populated areas. Our expert employees are friendly, professional and reliable and will always endeavour to meet client requirements on time and on budget. We have built a reputation as a trustworthy Portsmouth construction company and we try to live up to this expectation with any client we work with and any project that we work on.

Builder worker with pneumatic drill

Our Relationship with Clients

We will always endeavour to work closely with the client to ensure that we meet all of the requirements and specifications for every project. Every client brings a unique challenge so we ensure that each project is approached on an individual basis and gets all of the attention and professional advice that it needs. Our great reputation has been achieved through our focus on developing close working relationships with all of our clients.

From minor projects, to major infrastructure developments, Southway Construction are used to working closely with private developers, local authorities and other construction companies to deliver the very best results. We have experience on a large variety of projects including new build developments, town enhancement programs and infrastructure development. Our experienced engineers have an impressive track record throughout our time in business and it is very rare that we cannot meet a client’s requirements.

Creating a pavement close-Up