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Driveway Paving

We are an experienced paving company based in Portsmouth. We do driveway paving in Portsmouth, Hampshire and West Sussex. We are proud of the quality our work and take pride in building long lasting and great looking driveways.

As well as doing new tarmacadam and block paving driveways we can do gravel driveways and driveways using paving slabs and specialist membranes. We can also do driveway repairs and sort out driveway drainage issues. 

Why Use Southway Construction?

  • We are an experienced local construction company based in Portsmouth

  • We have a strong track record of quality work and happy customers

  • We work for both residential customers and for businesses and other construction companies

  • All of our work is of the highest quality and built to last

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Block Paving Driveways

Block paving is probably the most popular driveway paving option at the moment. Properly laid block paving is very hard wearing and long lasting, making it an excellent choice for driveway paving. We can help you to select paving blocks that will complement your house and produce the kind of finish you want, either traditional or modern. Your block paving can be laid in a range of patterns, including popular herringbone patterns. Whichever combination of blocks and pattern you choose for your driveway we ensure that your driveway had the best possible finish and is a real asset to your home. 

block paving driveway

Tarmacing (Macadam) Drives

Tarmac drives are a really popular choice. As well as being extremely durable tarmac driveways have the benefit of being quick to install. Although a good base is needed to get a smooth and long lasting finish the preparation for laying a tarmac drive is generally much less than for block paving and the drive itself can often be laid in a day. As well as traditional black tarmac we can also supply coloured tarmac and combine tarmac with decorative paving to give your driveway a distinctive and attractive look.

tarmacadam driveway

Driveway Bases and Drainage

The key to a long lasting and durable driveway is the base. To ensure that your driveway will drain properly and not build up standing water the base will need to have sensible gradient in the right direction for water to drain away from your house. Once the gradient is established we will lay an appropriate sub-base and base. The thickness of your base, and the type of materials used, will be determined by the type of finish you have selected for your driveway and we will discuss this with you in the planning phase. 

driveway base preparation


As well as laying your new driveway we can also do any associated landscaping that you might need. As well as edging the drive, we can create borders, planters and beds to suit your location and planting scheme. Having the landscaping done at the same time as your driveway really tops of driveway projects and gives them a great finish. 

driveway landscaping